!Piantala Project

What is !piantala?

!Piantala is a project born on Twitch that aims to create a botanical garden with native plants.

A Botanical Garden is an artificially created natural environment that is used for scientific and educational purposes, In fact it is not only a place suitable for lovers of nature and botany, but also a site of educational and popular importance, it has a fundamental role in the re-evaluation, conservation and appreciation of the botanical heritage.

La flora

The plants considered are native species, planting their seeds will contribute to the conservation of the species

The idea provides that the garden, in addition to the didactic and dissemination purpose, should promote cultural, social and technological innovation through creative, artistic, cultural, sporting, research, leisure, aggregation and solidarity activities.


The Garden will be interactive and digital, with great involvement from social media. For this reason, the Garden has already taken hold on social networks such as Instagram and Twitch where it is possible to appreciate its growth.

Plant with us

How can I contribute?

Contributing to the project is easy, by giving 3€ you will be able to plant a seed of your choice and giving it a name to your liking:

you can donate here

It is important that you attach your email and the name you want to give to the seed to the text of the donation in order to receive information on the growth of your plant.

By following our broadcasts on Twitch.tv, you can get all the information you need:

Join the community!

Available seed

Here you can find a list of all the seeds in the garden. When choosing a particular plant you will have to attach the details in the donation message. 

Your plants

This is the list of all seeds planted to this day:

It is possible to visit the garden and check the well-being of the plants during some of our Twitch live broadcasts. To keep in touch, you can follow us on  Instagram, where we post our every activity. 

For more information, write us at info@velia-ortobotanico.it