Area Structure

The area in which the project will be implemented is located within the Castelli Romani Park, an area of volcanic origin, rich in flora and fauna, chosen to re-evaluate the territory and preserve its species. The species that will be inserted within the garden will be native organisms capable of reproducing and surviving independently. 

As soon as the works are completed, the garden will be divided into areas.


1- Entrance

2- Log

3- Mobile Structure/Ticket Office/ Etc…

4- Events Area/Kids Area/Trip presentation

5- Oak 1

6- Oak 2

7- Various Plants/Herbal plants and shrubs

8- Wooded area of the garden

9- Entrance

10- Greenhouse

11- WC

12- Snack Area

13- Events Area

14- Stage

15- Herbal Plants

16- Shrubs

17- Arboreal Plants

* The pictures are indicative of how the garden will be structured at the end of the works. How the land is divided into areas may change during construction.

As of now you cannot access the botanical garden area as it is under construction.